Neuroplastic Brain Hacking for Persistent Pain: Two Weeks

Two weeks down!

Today I have done more visualising than ever because I have a head cold. That means I have persistent aches from the virus on top of the persistent aches from the pain syndrome. (I’m resisting saying that the latter aches are caused by whiplash injury. While that may have been the case originally, it’s now morphed — literally — into a disease all of its own, known as “chronic pain” or “neuropathic pain” or as Moskowitz calls it, “persistent pain”).

I’m right tired now, so will make this entry short.

While it was an interesting exercise to try and sort out the different pain spikes into “virus related” or “needs visualisation”, eventually I realised that the virus-related pain presented just as much of an opportunity to practice as did the pain syndrome symptoms. So what that’s ultimately meant is that today I’ve done visualising for virus-related pain as well, which has meant that I’ve done more visualising than ever.

Virus as a motivator for wellness, how cool is that?

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