Last of the Dailies: Neuroplastic Brain Hacking for Persistent Pain Day 34

Because the visualisation is now an integrated part of my day, I have less need of a ritual around composing a daily blog post on the subject. The main purpose of these posts (as I mentioned a while ago) was to serve as a social hack that helped me build a habit of visualising relentlessly. But I’m starting to feel established in the technique now. So, thirty days of blogging later, I feel like I’m coming to the end of these daily updates.

Not that the visualisations have run their full course. Far from it. Although I see promising signs every day now that the technique is starting to work (especially on Friday when I was completely pain-free for two hours), still the full benefits won’t be known for months yet, possibly even a year or two. I have a long way to go yet, and plenty of content in mind on this topic and others, so you’ll continue to hear from me fairly frequently I’d say.

I’ve had contact lately with a few people who are working with this technique. Some of our chats have made it into articles here on the site, in some form or other. I hope this diary can continue to serve as a resource for others who are putting neuroplastic visualisation into practice, or at least as a starting point for conversations.

In the meantime, why not get in touch at my Facebook page or on my blog (links below)? Let’s hack our brains together 🙂

5 thoughts on “Last of the Dailies: Neuroplastic Brain Hacking for Persistent Pain Day 34”

  1. Hi again! I was sorry to see you are ending your daily blog as I found it so encouraging and informative. But I was thrilled you got 2 hours of pain relief – that is so FANTASTIC!!,
    I know you are on your way to being pain free. I know you will not be writing as regularly but I still look forward to any future posts you write. Are some of the other people you have been in contact with who are using the neuroplastic approach having success with it? No relief yet for me but I am not giving up!
    I reread a lot of info so I know I will be reading your posts again and again. I think you are seeing progress because you visualize so much more than me. As I do not sleep too well it is harder on those days to stay as motivated as I should . Sometimes toward early morning I will visualize for an hour or two so hopefully that will help in the long term.
    I did look you up on Facebook but only saw the public page open to everyone, not the chronic pain group you had mentioned. I am not computer savvy at all but did not see any way to friend you. I did see all your blog entries on your public page so maybe that is what you meant.
    Again, thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into this and keep us updated on your progress as time allows.

    1. Lovely to hear from you Elaine! Actually you are one of the people I was referring to when I said I’ve been in contract with others. Actually, the other people I’ve spoken to with only one exception have found the relentlessness requirement too much. Some people find that the visualisation is quite relaxing, and use it to help them get to sleep.

      I consider this a warning… As you’ll know from reading, I’m quite ambitious about this being an actual cure. If I’m still visualising this often in two years, I’ll consider it a failure, even if it does continue to bring relief!

      The two hours last Friday was absolutely a-mazing. I walked around with an absurd grin on my face and anyone who encountered me was probably overwhelmed by my cheerfulness, thinking I was high on drugs or something! Nothing like that since then, except the occasional ten minute stretch of time. That in itself is quite reassuring.

      Thankyou for reading and taking the time to comment. I’m pleased that it’s useful for you. I really hope you’re able to keep up the motivation… It’s brilliant that you are visualising so much in the mornings. Do you find that it is easier to visualise after that, for the next few hours? That’s been my experience.

      I know it’s hard to keep interrupting your day but for me the positive effects came on completely without warning, so don’t give up! I’m a firm believer that the days we are tempted to give up make all the difference. If we double our efforts on those days, despite wanting to do the opposite, then it teaches our brains in quadruple time. If instead we give up or dial back our efforts, we may miss the best opportunity we had to get the benefits.

      Note, I say “double our efforts”, not ” double our success “. It doesn’t matter how much or how little relief you get, especially on a bad day! It’s the effort, and the intention to rewire the brain that matters.

      I’ll be writing up a comprehensive guide to my visualisation and some tactical tips in the next week or so, look out for that.

      On Facebook, go to my actual profile “Julian Luckee South” (or visit this link: and look below the picture of me. There should be a button that says “Add Friend”. If you click that, I’ll get notified and then we can chat more easily. Have you ever used Skype? It’s a video calling program we could try and talk about the visualising that way…
      Just happy to help if you are open to that … Not looking for any monetary exchange.

      But don’t stress if the computer is being impossible, I know how it is! We can still keep in touch on here 🙂

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