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I’ve not been idle. It’s going to be a grand adventure! See you on the interwebs soon!

Dear friends,

Although I’ve not updated this blog for some two months now, I’ve not been idle with either yoga (both teaching and practice), meditation, my quest for effective treatments for persistent pain, or with writing. It’s all coming together! I hope to share more frequent updates with you in the coming weeks. For now, be well and stay tuned for more tidbits of

  • Yoga practice tips
  • Upcoming new Gentle Classes
  • Thoughts and philosophical stuff
  • Miscellaneous creative hacks, stories and poems
  • Pain breakthrough techniques

It’s going to be a grand adventure! See you on the interwebs soon!

Reduction in schedule

After some recent reflection I’ve realised that I’m attempting to grow my offering as a teacher too quickly (exuberance is a tricky beast). Therefore, in order to be fully invested in the work I’m doing with the Beginner’s course, as well as the other classes I teach at various studios, I’ve decided (at the last minute you could say) to postpone several classes this year. While I would love to offer all these classes as originally planned, it would be taking on too much and therefore the quality would suffer. We can’t have that 🙂

The Beginner’s course will now start on 23rd February (and not the 9th as planned). The Thursday evening and Mon/Wed lunchtime classes are on hold until further notice.

I hope this doesn’t inconvenience anyone too greatly.

Introduction to Yoga Course Feb 2016

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The first Introduction to Yoga course of 2016 will run from the 23rd Feb for eight weeks every Tuesday. 6-7.15pm.


The course will work with standard yoga practices common to most styles. You will finish with a foundation for a lifetime of yoga — how to align your body, build focus and synchronise your body and mind with “flow”.

We will use the beautiful meditation hall at the Christchurch Buddhist Centre on Harrow St in Philipstown.

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*none of your info will be made public, all strictly confidential. I will be in touch soon with more info.