Haiku Sextet #1

I, though midsummer
 chose anyway your spring song
knowing it was wrong.

For other love bound
 the hand I placed in mine, and
to it I was blind.

To   a walled garden
 we broke out. Once, once only
and called it escape.

But my coat outlived
 us. And they don’t even make
Them like they used to.

Lovely-haired mantis
 you promised haven I was
lucky to survive.

Still this old wound, rough
 I’m sad to see puckered up
you once tickled me there.

Mantra #1

Sing me, pain
your sweet ache
breathes a turning softness
into lossful love

sing me, loss
endless end of all
your edgewise pulse
keen blade of breath

sing me, song
cloth’s connecting thread
your little death
inflicts love and life

“I am” is the mantra of Consciousness.
I sing and I am song, I am Sung.
I love and I am love, I am Loved.
I am and I am that, I am One.